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7 on 7 Tournament - July 14, 2017

football players in action On July 14th the Garrett Uekman Foundation will host the annual 7 on 7 football tournament in Garrett's honor. The tournament will take place under the lights at War Memorial Stadium / AT&T Field and on July 14 starting at 8am. Entry fee is $250 dollars per team. Players will receive commemorative t-shirts. Water, drinks and lunch will be provided for coaches and players for Saturday's pool play. It is open to 5th-8th** Youth and Junior High as well as High School students.

** Youth and Middle School / Junior High divisions will be based on age & grades of the players from the teams entered. we want to encourage participation, fair & equitable competition - while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the rules, the safety of the players and also respect the composition of established school and/or league teams. that said, at the joint discretion of the tournament committee and the head coaches from each team prior to brackets being finalized, the 5th-8th teams will be divided into 2 or even 3 brackets before the tournament - based on number of teams entered and separated by the various ranges of ages/grades of the players that make up each each team. this should accommodate all teams interested in participating in this event - whether it's a team from a public school, private school, parochial school, recreational league, competitive league, newly created team or otherwise. Birth certificates and grade authentication will not be required but may be requested by tournament officials.