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2012 Garrett Uekman 7 on 7 Tournament

The Uekman Family (left to right) : John Bennett (uncle), Meagan Uekman (sister), Marie Bennett (grandmother), Michelle Uekman (mother) not pictured is Garrett's father, Danny

2012 High School Bracket / Results

Tournament Winner Interviews

Mark Courtney, Dumas Coach

"I liked the 2nd half of the tournament a lot better than the first," says Dumas Coach Mark Courtney. "My team got off to a slow start; They're a young team. I really enjoyed the tempo of the tournament, and with 20 minute games there wasn't a whole lot of down time, which helped keep the players interested and energetic." After hearing of the tragedy of Garrett's death, Coach Courtney felt that participating in the tournament was a positive way to help. "The tournament was one of the few venues in July to get a look at what your team does in the face of competition. The tournament will no doubt become a fixture of the summer season," he said. Of the 22 players he brought to the tournament, 15 of them probably had never had the opportunity to see AT&T Field at War Memorial Stadium.

Dumas players

Martin Lee Walt, Dumas linebacker, said he loved playing in the tournament. "You get a chance to see what your team looks like." He said he knew the team was playing in a 7 on 7 tournament in July. but when he found out it was being held in honor of Garrett Uekman it made it more special. "He was a good player and role model and it was for a good cause." Ryan Miller, quarterback of the Dumas Bobcats said that it is the first 7 on 7 Tournament Dumas has ever won. It was a great foolball experience and it couldn't have been any better. The weather was hot, though. Senior wide receiver, Derreon Jenkins who had only visited War Memorial Stadium one other time, scored 7 TDs Saturday. "It was a good experience. I enjoyed playing in the tournament," Jenkins said. Donnie Dean, safety for Dumas, enjoyed the competition. "I liked everything about it," he said.

Patrick Sullenger, Holy Souls Coach

A component somewhat unique to the tournament was the addition of teams in younger age groups. The younger teams in both youth and junior high divisions played on Friday. Patrick Sullenger, coach of the winning Junior High team, Holy Souls, enjoyed the experience: "Everything about the tournament was first class. It was very well organized and was very competitive. I made a point to tell the players on my team about the kind of player and student Garrett was. I have never heard of another tournament that offers 7 on 7 competition to players in the younger age groups. It was a great, fun, competitive experience. I hope there are more teams next year so it'll be even more exciting for my players."

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